Workforce Management

What is Workforce Management?

As a contractor, your most critical task is the efficient and cost-effective management of your front-line operatives. You must ensure that the right staff are in the right place at the right time, completing their contracted shifts in full and being paid correctly.

TemplaCMS Integrated Workforce Management is a seamless combination of contract management software and tightly integrated mobile apps supported by an internal workflow system and document control. Not only will you use it to manage the practical aspects of employee engagement – onboarding, rostering, attendance, pay and communications – you will also take full control of your labour cost through budgeting, analysis, ensuring that all work is correctly invoiced and providing real-time dashboard performance data to your management teams.

Full integration with your contract management system is what sets TemplaCMS Integrated Workforce Management apart. No need to export data between unconnected systems or spreadsheets.

Templa Workforce Management Diagram


Templa Workforce Management Onboarding

New starter details are captured and authorised to an electronic form on our Mobile App, along with RTW paperwork and photos, before being synchronised with head office, authorised by HR and saved to the database, creating employee records and contract assignments.

Templa Workforce Management Roster Management

Once loaded to the system, staff rosters are viewed and managed by operations managers on line. The scheduling of work, cover and holidays is planned using drag and drop functionality. Timesheets are updated automatically to reflect changes.

Templa Workforce Management Time and Attendance

Shift details keyed into TemplaCMS integrate seamlessly with the T&A system at your client premises – which could be landline, RFID card, mobile app or biometric. Non-attendance alerts allow prompt response to absence and help manage lone worker safety. Operations Managers see in real time who is checked in, whilst short hours can be deducted and excess hours or payments avoided.

Templa Workforce Management Mobile App

Mobile device technology means operations management can manage all key staff-related processes on their Mobile App, making them more effective and avoiding the need for them to visit the office to perform administrative tasks.

Templa Workforce Management Real Time Timesheets

Operations managers can maintain centralised timesheets 24/7, with real-time updating of new, varied or terminated contracts, as well as new starters, leavers and changes to their terms. Real-time financial control helps manage wage budgets and variances, with workflow automating exception approval.

Templa Workforce Management Award Inturpretation

For our Australian and European clients, we embed legislative or union-agreed rules, such as overtime terms, which are automatically incorporated into pay rates when triggered.

Templa Workforce Management Pay

With real-time timesheets available to both payroll and operations staff, continuity is built in to the system when dealing with operatives’ pay. There is no need to re-key hours from paper timesheets to payroll software, wasting time and risking data errors. With actual versus budget wage costs visible in real-time, any variance is known before the payroll is released.

Templa Workforce Management Budgets

Payroll budgets are set at every level of the company from site, up through client, area, region and whole company. Accurate comparison of budget against actual spend is visible in real-time before payroll is released, potentially saving £000s.

Templa Workforce Management Analytics

Payroll overspend is reported by exception using Workflow. Instant profit and loss accounts highlight loss making clients, sites or tasks, improving and speeding up decision making.

Templa Workforce Management Dashboards

User-defined KPI graphs and alerts promote a pro-active work environment. You send up to date summary data on attendance, RTW compliance and financial performance to a dashboard seen by your manager every time they login to TemplaCMS.

Templa Workforce Management Employee Portal

Your remote working operatives use their smartphones, at a time convenient to themselves, to view payslips, holiday and absence data, along with personal details held on the system. They can request holiday and change of details. You send messages to individuals or the whole company, engaging staff on important issues.

Templa Workforce Management Workbills

Periodic and one-off work assignments undertaken internally are communicated to your mobile workforce via the Mobile App. Whether work is assigned to site-based staff, or special works teams on the road, full work instructions, wages capture, photographs and signatures are fully integrated.

Templa Workforce Management Customer Billing

No one-off work can be carried out without labour being allocated and the client invoice being created, ensuring that you never fail to invoice clients for work done over and above the routine contract.

Templa Workforce Management Customer Portal

Clients view invoices, contract documentation, KPI reports and much more via a secure portal.

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