Workflow & Documents

TemplaCMS Workflow & Document Management are two elements that integrate dynamically across the system to automate decision processing and offering creation, storage, access and distribution of documents.

Workflow is fully integrated across all relevant TemplaCMS modules and enables the configuration and automation of decision and approval processes that are normally paper or e-mail based. Workflow generates action and authorisation requests automatically and enables electronic sign-off, with the relevant staff alerted to confirm actions have happened.

At each stage in Workflow, one or more individuals may be responsible for a decision request. Once the request is complete, Workflow ensures that individuals responsible for the next request in the sign-off chain are notified and receive the data they need to complete their stage of the process. The sender of the request is always kept in the loop as to its progress through the chain.

Document Management allows users to link their existing documents, filed in the company’s network folder structure, to the major records and transactions within TemplaCMS. For example, clients could have pre-sales documents, sites could have RAMS and health & safety documents, and employees could have application forms, scanned right to work documents, etc. In addition, emails can be filed away automatically by using drag ‘n’ drop from an Outlook folder and placing it over a target record or transaction, whereupon the user is prompted with file away instructions.

As well as viewing existing documents, users can also generate letters and emails through the use of Word templates, either individually or part of a volume mail-merge facility. This is particularly useful for sending new employees their welcome letters or new enrolees their workplace pension starter packs. After distribution, the system automatically files the documents against the records and into the central document store.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • Whilst all companies will have designed their own network folder structure to hold important documentation, the ability to locate specific documents can be onerous as this environment is totally unconnected with other systems that manage the related company records, such as clients, sites and employees.
  • Many of your processes will require a sign-off chain - such as setting up, amending or terminating contract details, onboarding new employees, authorising payroll overspend, ordering cleaning materials, or raising and signing off purchase orders. This takes time and delays in completion.
  • Your ability to spot requests for expenditure that fall outside agreed sign-off levels will rely on the manual intervention of admin or finance staff who are familiar with the budgets and rules.

how your business benefits

  • TemplaCMS Workflow & Document Management speeds up company administration and significantly reduces the admin resource needed to manage contracts. It eliminates duplication in the storage of documents and is particularly useful in coordinating tasks, such as new contract mobilisation and staff onboarding, where a lot of new documentation is being created quickly and the work of several employees needs to be coordinated efficiently. All approval activity is recorded on a full audit trail, meaning you can always track completion of tasks in the event that something goes wrong.
  • Together, these important features of TemplaCMS will take you a long way towards achieving a paperless office and enhancing your company’s 'green' credentials.

how your business benefits