Work Bills

TemplaCMS Work Bills takes care of a potentially weak area of control in your business where revenue can easily be missed. It reduces the need for maintaining paper records and spreadsheets and provides an authorisation and monitoring capability that is absent from the purchase ledgers of most off-the-shelf accounts software.

Work Bills is pivotal in planning and scheduling contracted or ad hoc periodic and variation work. No hours can be scheduled, or a subcontractor engaged without a work bill being raised, which in turn can optionally generate a client invoice requirement. Work Bills reports on the status of all open work bills to support monitoring and accounts accruals.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • One-off jobs are scheduled and carried out without invoices being raised, meaning you don’t get paid.
  • Each time a works order is raised you need to keep a manual record of when the work is due and when it is to be invoiced, creating reams of paper or lists on spreadsheets. You have no easy way of knowing which jobs have been completed or invoiced, so it’s hard to know what to accrue in the accounts.
  • You know about scheduled one-offs, for example window cleaning, months in advance but can’t generate the work bills from your system until the month they’re due.

how your business benefits

  • Ad-hoc work bills can be generated by field or head office staff and, using TemplaCMS Workflow, sent for approval prior to implementation. This reduces your admin burden without the risk of unauthorised work being ordered. Work bills can automatically generate a requirement to raise an invoice which greatly reduces the risk of not charging clients for work.
  • Recurring work bills can be set up in the system for the whole year, so work is not missed and can be organised in good time. Using TemplaCMS Workflow, field management are alerted when the work is due in order to mobilise resource and confirm the order, thereby reducing the danger of work not being carried out.
  • The software maintains a list of all outstanding work bills to be invoiced, which makes the monitoring of work bill status easy and at any level of the company, for example client, area or region.

how your business benefits