Templa T&A by CleanJack

Templa T&A by CleanJack integrates CleanJack®, Europe’s most popular T&A system with TemplaCMS, the UK’s market leading contract management software.

how it works

With Templa T&A by CleanJack, you will manage all information relating to staff rosters through TemplaCMS Pay, where simple or variable shift patterns are input and maintained.

Your staff check in and out using CleanJack’s mobile or fixed terminal, receiving messages in connection with their shift as appropriate. Late or non-attendance is alerted to your field manager by email or SMS. They can view all activity via a dashboard on their tablet computer or smartphone, giving them the chance to head off potential service problems before they occur.

On completion of the shift, hours worked are delivered in real time to your electronic timesheets in TemplaCMS Pay, where they are automatically reconciled to contracted hours. Your manager is then available to drill down to any level of activity to investigate variances before signing off hours worked for payroll processing.

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