Team Portal

TemplaCMS Team Portal provides workbill access to anyone responsible for managing the work of a team of staff, or a subcontractor appointed to carry out work. Using a web browser on their smartphone or other mobile device, a manager, team leader or subcontractor can select the team under their control, before accessing the current calendar of workbills for that team. From the workbill calendar the operator can manage the following:

  • Reading of RAMS/COSHH documents
  • Confirmation of hours and any extra costs such as parking
  • Job completion - including before/after pictures
  • Client sign-off

TemplaCMS Team Portal adds a mobile dimension to the delivery of contracted or ad hoc periodic and variation work already provided by TemplaCMS Workbills. These include the prevention of hours being scheduled or a subcontractor being engaged without a work bill being raised, and the automatic generation of invoices for work completed. TemplaCMS also reports the status of all open workbills to support the monitoring of completion and the correct accrual of jobs within the accounts.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

In the management of variation, one-off, ad hoc and subcontracted work, there are many well-known frustrations that arise from paper or spreadsheet-based planning and monitoring.

  • There is no simple overview of work scheduled planned across different teams or different clients
  • Instructions for one-off jobs are transmitted verbally from managers to operatives with no reference point
  • Jobs are double-booked for staff who are already scheduled to work elsewhere
  • Work is known about months in advance, but there is no way of generating workbills from the system until the month it is due to take place
  • Variation work is scheduled and timesheets created without invoices being raised
  • Invoices are raised weeks after work is completed, or not at all
  • There is no easy way of knowing what jobs have been completed or invoiced, making it hard to know what to accrue in the accounts

how your business benefits

TemplaCMS Team Portal delivers the following benefits:

  • Gives operators a weekly view of work scheduled and staff assigned via their smartphone or mobile device.
TemplaCMS Team Portal
  • Allows the assignment of the regular team members to a team, or substitution with other employees.
  • Provides the operator with details of the workbill and buttons to assess each area of the workbill.
TemplaCMS Team Portal
  • Presents full job instructions to the operator to ensure no element of the job is missed. The full work instruction is visible, and may be printed if required.
  • Safeguards the company against failure to comply with Health and Safety. Where documents exist or are required for a workbill they can be accessed by the operator and confirmed as read.
  • Ensures that all hours worked and extra costs incurred are correctly recorded, such as parking.
  • Allows multiple photos to be added/deleted via the camera. Each photo can be classified as before, during or after, and may have a brief description entered.
  • Ensures jobs are carried out methodically and signed off by the client.
  • Reduces the need for phone calls and emails between staff to resolve job-related queries.
  • Gives all authorised TemplaCMS users an overview of job status at any time.

how your business benefits