Quality Audits

TemplaCMS Quality Audits manages your schedule of compliance against the cleaning specification, before collating and reporting on the results.

Setting up your own audit templates and scoring mechanisms, you will centrally manage the inspection requirements for each site contract and distribute this information to operations field staff for completion. Failures and faults requiring further action will be automatically alerted to management and email reminders on outstanding quality audits will be sent to the person responsible for completing them.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • Creating different score sheets for different types of building would involve a lot of work in re-designing your forms and some clients have particular hot spots where it would be useful to have a more rigorous inspection regime.
  • You want your field managers to be able to complete quality audits on their tablets or i-Pads.
  • Your clients like to see the results of audits promptly, but with your paper system, producing reports on spread sheets takes an age and by then the reports are out of date anyway.

how your business benefits

  • TemplaCMS Quality Audits eradicates the need for paper-based quality audits. This saves not only on paper but on time and admin resource.
  • The risk of audits not being completed is eliminated by the automatic system of alerts and reminders.
  • Audit results are available for immediate viewing by senior management and clients and simple reports can be produced analysing performance at any level of detail across your company.

how your business benefits