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London – July 2020

The question contractors most often ask when they are considering TemplaCMS is “How will my data be transferred from my current system?” (or multiple systems in the case of contractors who are using a bundle of legacy software packages).

It’s an understandable concern. What we refer to as the data ‘migration’ is the most important task in the switching process. So it won’t surprise you to hear that over the years we have developed a number of sophisticated ‘utilities’ - software programmes designed to manage a specific process - to perform this task.

Because we regularly transfer clients to TemplaCMS from other contract management systems, for example Cleanlink, or from standalone software packages used for payroll, billing and accounts, for example Sage, we are able to extract the data easily and comprehensively, migrating it to the right area of our own integrated contract management system. Once transferred, core processes such as payroll and billing are run in parallel between your existing software and TemplaCMS, confirming that all data has moved over correctly.

The flexible, integrated software architecture of TemplaCMS also makes it easy for us to add new functionality or make enhancements to existing functionality. If you had been using TemplaCMS during lockdown, you would have benefitted from the several upgrades we issued to manage both the furlough process itself, including taper, and the extraction of data from payroll to reclaim from HMRC.

TemplaCMS April 2020 News story

Our clients have been quick to recognise our performance. Saul Brown, Administration Director at AIM Commercial Cleaning: “The Templa furlough and reclaim process has really proven beneficial, to do this manually would have taken so long”. Alister Gregson, MD at Fluid Options: “We were so impressed with how fast you managed to deliver the new software, it’s excellent”

Not all software systems have this flexibility. If you have been let down during this critical period, as some say they have, then now might be the time to consider switching to a more reliable system.

Or, if you are currently weighing up the purchase of management software to ease your path through the more complicated world of cleaning post Covid-19, maybe now is the time to think what sort of provider you want to work with? One who moves quickly with the times and adapts to market pressures, or one who does not have the capability to do so.