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London – Dec 2019
TemplaCMS Ridge Crest News story

Ridge Crest is a long-established cleaning contractor whose trading area stretches from London to the West Midlands. Proud of its people credentials, the company is a Living Wage Recognised Provider and has an annual turnover fast approaching £12m, with close to 120 clients. The company’s high average contract value reflects its considerable expertise in the education sector.

Like many contractors of a similar size, Ridge Crest has managed its expansion by gradually adding new software packages to control key business processes and budgets. These include Cleanlink for QA and Stores Control, Pegasus for payroll and Sage for accounts. In the background, the finance team has also created a raft of spreadsheets, used for various purposes that include timesheet completion, Right To Work checks, the tracking of one-off work and general budgetary control.

As Simon Wrenn, Ridge Crest’s Managing Director says, “No-one would set out to run a business with this particular combination of systems - it’s just the way the company has developed. It served its purpose up to a point, but over time the complexity has become frustrating. Until recently, for example, we had three separate systems for pay, DBS and RTW checks and, as anyone knows who runs school contracts, staying on top of holiday entitlements and equated pay is an art form in itself! To manage our payroll, our largest budget, we were using timesheets accessed by area managers via a shared drive. Although we had had an overall idea of where we were against budget, we had no real visibility of variance at individual site, contract or manager level. Scale this up to measuring profitability at any level and we would have probably required a spreadsheet with about 8,000 rows – impractical, to say the least.

By 2019, enough was enough and Ridge Crest took the decision to source an integrated contract management system to manage its entire business. Having already worked with Templa at a previous company, Simon’s instinct was to go for the same solution and in October Ridge Crest licensed the full TemplaCMS Core System as well Quality Audits and Customer Service.

Simon recognised that a critical factor in implementation would be to achieve buy-in at all levels of the company. As a result, several ‘champions’ were nominated to ensure successful rollout. As Simon says, “People on the ground will be working hard to introduce the new software to the daily operation and I want them to fully experience and understand the benefits of their efforts in doing so. We are all looking forward to the positive benefits Templa will bring to the business and being able to keep tight control of overheads as our revenues increase.”

Rick Stoor, Templa MD said, “We are delighted to have Ridge Crest on board. They’re a major player in the industry and we are extremely impressed by the professionalism the senior team are showing in managing implementation.”