Mobile CMS

TemplaCMS Mobile App lets you to deliver information and selective data entry functionality out to your operations field staff if they are equipped with mobile tablet technology.

Information available from TemplaCMS Mobile App includes general site or contract data, budget and billing data, staff details with pay rates, holiday entitlement, holiday taken and right to work data such as visa expiry dates.

Field management will use their tablet to make ad hoc work bill requests, raise stores order requests, complete new starter forms designed using TemplaCMS Advanced Forms and carry out quality audits managed through TemplaCMS Quality Audits.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • To check a cleaner’s employment details such as holiday entitlement, or to see if Right To Work data or CRB checks have come through requires your field manager to call payroll, as they can’t access the data on site. This delays resolution of the query. Your managers would also look more professional at client meetings if they had more information at their fingertips like training records or the details of periodic work that has been scheduled.
  • Right now if a client gives the go-ahead to carry out some one-off cleaning, your Area Manager must complete a form and post it back to the office to raise the work-bill. Similarly, field managers must phone stores orders to the office, which puts pressure on your admin teams.
  • You would like our Area Managers to carry out quality audits on their tablets, taking pictures of problem areas.

how your business benefits

  • The key benefit of mobile technology in contract cleaning is to make field managers more effective. This results from having contract and staffing information readily to hand on their tablet during their site visits and being able to answer client questions and resolve issues on the spot rather than having to call or visit their office to check information.
  • The interactive functionality made possible by the internet link to TemplaCMS Gateway technology means that they can also perform key operational and admin tasks without the need to complete paper forms and deliver them back to their office location. This speeds up activity and response times and delivers better customer service as a result.

how your business benefits