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A field manager’s two most critical tasks are to ensure that front-line staff are rostered correctly across their sites, with no gaps, and to manage hours worked and paid through timesheets. If undertaken using paper-based procedures, it is not only time consuming, but potentially inaccurate.

TemplaCMS Manager Portal allows field managers to access Roster Manager and Timesheets within TemplaCMS Pay whilst on the move. Using a web browser on their smartphone or other mobile device, they can access real-time rostering and timesheet data for each site under their control. This means that when they need to make an adjustment to a roster during the pay period, for example because an employee phones in sick, they can access the site and employee from wherever they are and confirm the cover they have arranged on Roster Manager, with Timesheets updated automatically.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

A field manager planning staff holidays and absence cover faces some well-known frustrations.

  • Even if the company has a contract management system, managers will often accumulate manual notes of any changes to rosters during a pay period, inputting them all to the timesheets at the very end of the period, running the risk of omissions or mistakes.
  • They most likely plan rosters on paper rather than using software.
  • They cannot plan beyond the current pay period, even though aware of future annual leave or long-term absence.
  • They are unable to see at a glance any absence of holiday gaps not currently covered.
  • They don’t know which staff are available to cover a gap without looking, one by one, through each individual site’s timesheet or mobile cleaner’s schedule.
  • They must manually update the current period’s timesheet when making a change to a staff roster - and remember to update future periods if the change affects those too.

how your business benefits

Working directly on Roster Manager and Timesheets through TemplaCMS Manager Portal means field managers can update rosters and timesheets on the move. Roster Manager sits over the real-time timesheets of TemplaCMS Pay and links dynamically through to them.

Roster Manager, which is part of TemplaCMS Pay works across multiple sites, pay periods and payrolls, giving flexibility to schedule staff quickly and effectively, reducing the potential for mistakes and making your managers more productive.

Roster Manager

how your business benefits