Hygiene Services

If your business model includes the sale and delivery of cleaning and washroom products or the collection and replenishment of client consumables such as feminine hygiene, roller towels, air fresheners, vending machines or dust mats (often collectively known as Hygiene Services), then TemplaCMS Hygiene Services will help you manage the process.

It enables you, in one screen location, to raise client orders, schedule deliveries and send invoices. You can include one or more service types on a single delivery and schedule deliveries in advance using the calendar function.

TemplaCMS Hygiene Services gives you the power to integrate daily delivery schedules to your van driver's mobile device and optimise daily delivery routes using client post codes. You can also confirm delivery, including missing or damaged items and reschedule deliveries or replacements from your central administration as necessary. Credit notes can be prompted through TemplaCMS Workflow.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

The provision of hygiene services is not a core activity for cleaning contractors. The challenges are to ensure that the right products are on the van, that your driver takes the most efficient delivery route, that you deal accurately with short or damaged deliveries and that you invoice accurately, with any order amendments picked up and reflected promptly.

how your business benefits

  • You will save on administration time and eliminate errors that come from keying information into several different systems.
  • Your drivers’ travelling time and costs will be reduced.
  • You will be able to reassure clients that deliveries will be accurate and on time, with mistakes quickly remedied.

how your business benefits