Employee Portal

TemplaCMS Employee Portal is a web-application that allows a member of staff to use their smartphone or other mobile device to access a range of real-time information and company documents via a secure login. Whist using the application, staff may also receive and submit messages or requests relating to pay, holidays and personal data.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • Your frontline staff all work outside normal office hours, at client sites, often alone.
  • Their only real contact with the company is via occasional visits from field management or email and phone calls to payroll/HR – all of whom are under pressure to do their ‘day jobs’.
  • They do not have access to the company intranets that are used by office staff as a source of information. Yet these staff have the same right to access information and communicate easily.
  • It is easy for them to become frustrated, demotivated and disengaged.

how your business benefits

TemplaCMS Employee Portal’s features are:

  • Payslip and P60 access – current and historical
  • Noticeboard with both company-wide and individually targeted notices
  • Access to selected company and personal documents
  • Holiday request and authorisation
  • Access to holiday and absence calendar
  • Viewing of personal details and facility to request amendments
  • Branded to client requirements
  • Cloud-based access via front end web services application
  • Fully integrated to TemplaCMS Pay, Workflow and Document Management
Employee Portal Screenshot
Employee Portal Screenshot
For frontline staff the benefits are:
  • Access to information at a time convenient to them
  • Self-service resolution of simple payroll queries and ability to submit more complex enquiries
  • Better understanding and management of holiday entitlement – days used and remaining, across all sites
  • Easier management of personal finances
  • 24/7 access to company information (policies, procedures, staff handbook, health and safety manual) and HR reference documentation (Right to Work, HMRC)
  • Reduced feeling of frustration
For HR, payroll, admin, and operations staff the benefits are:
  • Less time spent handling queries by phone or email
  • Easy to send out company-wide or individually targeted messages, e.g. reminder of imminent visa expiry, reminder of pension entitlement
  • Easier to reinforce compliance with company policies and procedures
  • Simple to request vigilance when something goes wrong, e.g. accident
  • Relieves pressure on field management of responding to requests for basic information

how your business benefits