TemplaCMS Dashboards builds on the power of the existing analytical reports in TemplaCMS Analytics to provide instant access to critical data in user defined graphical dashboards.

It delivers management information across different performance measures in a readable and regular format direct to your staff’s log-in screen. It ensures that up to date sales, financial, operational and compliance data is available for immediate review and action, reducing the need to email reports and attend meetings.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • With your inflexible, unconnected systems, you don’t have time to produce analysis at anything other than company level. You lack the insight that would come with being able to drill down into variances and understand root causes. Your managers need reports that are relevant to their areas of responsibility, not general KPIs.
  • It would be easier to focus on clients who pay late if you had a 'Top 10' or 'Top 20' debtors' report that was updated automatically.
  • With so many smaller contracts, you need an easy way of identifying and ranking them by profitability.

how your business benefits

  • You no longer need to comb through analysis looking for areas of concern. For example 'All employee visas due to expire in next 30 days' or 'All work bills awaiting approval by Area Manager'.
  • You gain up-to-the-minute visibility of outstanding debt. For example a report showing the top 10 debtors with ‘All debt over 60 days’ produced daily at 9am.
  • Senior management can see instantly which of their staff are underperforming. For example your Sales Director can view all new contracts secured in a month by each Sales Manager.

how your business benefits