Customer Service

TemplaCMS Customer Service brings together the functions of a Help Desk or CRM solution into a single user environment. Following the initiation of a Help Desk service request, it allows you to assign responsibility for actions and information distribution, such as forms or documents. These requests can then be tracked through to completion using TemplaCMS Workflow, for example complaints, ad-work requests, materials order requests, equipment audit requests or contract start-up and termination. You can define your own customer care processes, form distribution and escalation points, ensuring every request is controlled and managed effectively.

Enhanced document management features enable MS-Word or MS-Outlook © templates to be used in a variety of different ways to communicate with clients and prospects alike, or indeed generate mail-merges for e-shots and marketing activities.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • You manage customer complaints and queries using a spreadsheet and a manual process of email and telephone follow-up.
  • You do not have a process for identifying issues that have not been dealt with in the agreed timeframe.

how your business benefits

  • By keeping accurate records of contacts with customers or prospects via request tracking and communication logs, TemplaCMS Customer Service will ensure that your customer service provision is dealt with quickly and nothing gets lost 'between the cracks'.
  • Integration to email templates and word document template forms simplifies the processing of requests and instructions for all tasks, thereby reducing the admin burden of staff having to type documents.
  • 'Intelligent' forms enable basic site level contract information to be held and managed centrally, which becomes an integral part of providing a real-time, electronic site binder to all concerned.

how your business benefits