Customer Portal

TemplaCMS Customer Portal allows you to deliver information and selective data entry functionality out to your client via the internet through a password controlled client log-in screen on your website.

This can include client financials such as aged debtor balances, with a drill down list of outstanding transactions.

TemplaCMS Customer Portal can also include access to selective contract details for each of the client’s cleaning locations, for example your cleaning specification, staffing complement, training records, quality inspection scores and site risk assessments.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • Your clients want to access key contract data like cleaning specifications, risk assessments, health and safety policy, details of periodic work and training records without necessarily meeting up with your field manager.
  • Your clients insist on seeing the result of quality audits shortly after completion rather than several weeks later at a review meeting.
  • It might help resolve invoice queries sooner if clients could view upcoming invoices before they arrive.

how your business benefits

  • You are now able to offer your clients a level of transparency that will build high levels of trust into your client-contractor relationship.
  • As well as making it easier for your clients to manage the payment side of your contract, it also reduces the need for them to contact the office with financial queries.
  • Giving your client access to the Site Binder means your client is now 'up to speed' at any one time with useful information they would otherwise only be able to obtain by contacting your field manager or the office.

how your business benefits