All data about your cleaning contracts is set up, amended and terminated in TemplaCMS Contracts. Data entry and access is controlled through a user-defined authorisation structure. A full audit trail enables you to track and review all changes made to the data.

Data stored here includes: client/site contact and location; types of cleaning done at each site with start and end dates; pay rates and scheduled cleaning hours by cleaner, weeks worked per year, holiday entitlement; budgets for all cost and revenue lines; billing details - how much, how often charged; work bills for periodic or one off work - what frequency, which supplier; stores - permitted cleaning products at each site, product budgets, supplier price lists; consumables -frequency of order, rechargeable clients, supplier and client price lists.

typical challenges faced by contractors

  • The maintenance of separate software systems or spreadsheets to control different business processes requires much of the same data to be duplicated across each one. This is time-consuming and when contract data changes, staff can easily forget to update each location correctly, leading to incorrect charging for example.
  • Administrators are required to know where data is stored, when and how to use it in order to generate transactions. They frequently need to pluck data form different locations to do something as simple as raise a consumables order.
  • The timing of future contract changes, for example a permanent variation or annual price uplift, can get missed if it is reliant on an individual to manually update billing systems.

How Your Business Benefits

  • Holding all your data in one place removes the need to re-key the same data into different systems to control different parts of your business. In doing so it reduces the burden on your administration team and eradicates costly mistakes caused by transferring data incorrectly from one system to another or using out of date information when charging clients. There is only one version of the truth!
  • Variations and terminations are all managed through effective date control, enabling changes or stoppage to occur with specific tasks or cleaning operatives at different times. Data is entered as soon as you have it, without the need to hold onto it for entry at a future date.
  • All the processing modules work off contract administration, ensuring speed, accuracy, consistency and tight financial control.

How Your Business Benefits