Cost Savings Ready Reckoner

Two of the main benefits of TemplaCMS are the elimination of costly errors and the reduction of administration costs.

Our Savings Calculator gives you an indication of how much your company could ultimately save per annum once the system is fully implemented, depending on your turnover and certain key ratios.

Underneath the calculator is an explanation of how could reduce costs in each area of your business.

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Potential Savings with TemplaCMS:

Breakdown of savings

Employee Wages:

With wages your biggest transaction, during the year there are bound to be errors; how many data errors are likely when your manual timesheets are rekeyed to your payroll software?; how many overpayments might occur if you haven't got accurate wage variance on budgets?; do you overpay as you can't handle minimum wage changes part-way through the pay period in October?; with wages there are just so many areas that can go wrong.

Click here for more information about the CMS Pay and Budgets Modules.

Employee Holidays:

This substantial overhead driven by your biggest cost element will, if not handled accurately, lose you money; how many leavers have you overpaid holiday to?; could you also save money by tracking holidays more accurately; do you know your holiday exposure and could therefore prepare staff cover more effectively?

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Employer's NIC:

This sneaky overhead will come and bite you if you don't track it properly; are you fully aware of an employee's NIC exposure when deciding to allocate to multiple sites or tasks?; has a site tripped into loss because the staff you’ve assigned to it haven’t been costed to the contract correctly?

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Cleaning Materials:

As this is an inclusive cost for the basic cleaning materials, you probably just uplift wages to get to a valuation, but if you're not tracking it accurately against each site, some sites or managers could be bleeding you; do you know if each site is overspending their monthly allowance?; how sure are you that paid-for consumables are not getting misallocated as materials?; if you're warehousing, are you running effective stock management?

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Recharge Consumables:

If you're a business for whom this area offers potentially good margins, then how much of this is eroded through admin?; are you managing your supplier costs accurately?; if they increase cost do you remember to uplift the client price?; are you manually reconciling supplier invoices to identify the recharge items?; are you rekeying them correctly for billing purposes?

Click here for more information about the CMS Stores and Billing Modules.

Ad-Hoc / One-Off Work:

Leveraging your clients for one-off work provides a great source of additional profit, but how much gets missed through admin; are you running a paper trail with staff and suppliers?; are the hours you pay the same as those you cost?; are you checking bought-in products or services for accurate charges?; are you billing the client accurately or indeed at all?

Click here for more information about the CMS Work Bills and Billing Modules.

Credit Notes:

Missed cleans or poor cleaning are the source for complaints, which can lead to dissatisfaction for the client and potential business loss; time & attendance systems can alleviate staff not turning up, but think of the cost benefit if it were fully integrated to payroll; regular scheduled quality audits can monitor quality of service, but with full automation of results, corrective action and client reporting, top-level service is assure

Click here for more information about the CMS Pay and Quality Audits Modules.

Stationery and Postage:

Paperwork overload is a major cause of errors and admin overhead in any business; how much paper do you waste on manual forms that could be completed on mobile devices or hard copy documents held in site files rather than electronically, for example contract approval form, cleaning specifications, risk assessment, staff training and induction forms, starter forms, holiday request forms, stores orders, new equipment orders, contract mobilisation or termination notices, quality audits; plus how much postage do you waste posting forms and timesheets around the company?

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