The phrase "If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it" is often quoted in business. TemplaCMS Budgets allows you to set a budget for every single cost and revenue stream at any defined level of the business from individual cleaning site, upwards through the business structure, for example area, region, division and company.

Key budgets such as wages and stores can be tracked in real-time, and are all available for variance analysis. With in-built audit tracking in contract maintenance, a full history of change with explanatory notes is always available.


  • As budgets are held on spreadsheets, ongoing updating with actual spend and reconciliation to budget is a time-consuming, labour intensive process.
  • The risk of overspend due to lack of immediate and visible budgetary control makes it difficult to trust field managers to order materials. All orders have to go through the office.
  • A lack of joined up systems containing up to date revenue and cost items makes it virtually impossible to analyse profitability at site or contract level until weeks or months after period end.

how your business benefits

  • Having the ability to budget at such a detailed level of granularity makes it easy to set clear objectives to everyone in your organisation, and without the need to maintain spreadsheets that go out of date the minute a new contract is added.
  • Each time a new contract is added or an existing one varied or terminated, any changes relating to, for example, the pay budget, will be instantly reflected in the timesheet entry process.
  • Budgets need to be compared to actuals and you will be able to create easy user-defined reports to analyse your business and budgets from any angle.

how your business benefits