TemplaCMS Billing helps you reduce your administration and ensures you invoice promptly for all client work undertaken. It makes sure that all work is billed correctly and in the way clients want it presented. One-off work and recharged consumables are never missed as the process of matching supplier invoices to work bills and purchase orders is automated.


  • The poor interface between billing and accounts in your current software makes it impossible to present an invoice broken down into services and buildings the way your clients want.
  • Future changes to invoice values, for example annual contract uplifts are known about in advance, but the only place this can be recorded is on a spreadsheet. You rely on your admin teams to ensure the invoice is amended when the time comes to do so.
  • One-off jobs are scheduled and carried out without invoices being raised, meaning you don’t get paid. Each time a works order is raised, you need to keep a manual record of when the work is due and when it is to be invoiced, creating files full of paper or lists on spreadsheets.

how your business benefits

  • All contract billing requirements are integrated into one or more consolidated billing runs, which greatly improves customer service.
  • All client billing information requirements are clearly defined so as to direct the accounts software in how to present the invoice. This means that clients benefit from having invoices laid out exactly as they want.
  • The module’s 'effective date' function allows future changes in client charges to be keyed in advance, meaning that the software automatically retrieves invoice values when they are due and can pro-rata old/new values. There is no need to maintain paper records of future changes to contract values.

how your business benefits