Award Interpretation

If your country’s employment laws mean you must comply with fixed rules on staff remuneration, such as pay scales, overtime rates, weekend premiums and so on, TemplaCMS Award Interpretation will allow you to build in these rules to your payroll system, ensuring that you automatically pay staff correctly.

This module was originally designed for Australian cleaning contractors, and we are now applying it to local pay legislation in Iceland. It enables you to incorporate rules on gross pay into your timesheets, such as complex, sector led pay scales or automatic weekday and weekend rates that attract standard percentage pay rate uplifts. Only start and finish times need to be entered. Award Interpretation does the rest.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • In the countries affected, the inability of off-the-shelf payroll packages to handle inbuilt pay regulations correctly can become a drain on administrative time in making the necessary adjustments.
  • Failure to pay staff in line with national regulations can easily lead to industrial relations problems and staff unrest.

how your business benefits

  • You will avoid the need to programme complex rules into off-the-shelf payroll software.
  • You will eliminate the risk of non-compliance with legislation and potential conflict with unions.

how your business benefits