Asset Management

Equipment purchased at the start of every contract can be ordered using the TemplaCMS Stores Control module and assigned as a site cost. However, with TemplaCMS Asset Management, it can also be recorded against the site for traceability and accounting purposes.

Equipment can have additional information recorded which will help you undertake regular PAT tests, as well as track warranty periods, serial numbers or maintenance schedules.

The equipment functions provided enable a company-wide view of all assets on all sites, or those in your workshop awaiting repair, as well as a history of their movement between sites.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

  • Field managers move equipment from one site to another without informing your admin team.
  • You maintain your PAT Testing schedule on a series of spreadsheets, creating an onerous task for your admin team, which is exacerbated if equipment is not where it should be.
  • You maintain a separate work stream in your finance department purely to account correctly for asset valuations in your business.

how your business benefits

  • With TemplaCMS Asset Management, maintaining equipment information in the central database means you no longer need to rely on spreadsheets.
  • Providing field managers with the ability to transfer equipment between sites easily means the company‚Äôs assets are easily tracked and managed for financial control purposes.
  • The Asset Register function records financial transactions for purchase, depreciation, write off and disposal - further automating cost allocation to your sites.

how your business benefits