Advanced Forms

TemplaCMS Advanced Forms will simplify your administration and make it easier for your field managers to complete simple admin tasks.

It enables you to design routine forms such as new starter or training records to your company’s precise specification, including images and signature boxes. It contains intelligent fields where data entered remotely on a form automatically creates or updates the appropriate record on your central database when synchronised online.

It allows you to centrally manage the collection and distribution of forms around the business for processing, approval and automatic storage behind staff or contract records.

Typical challenges faced by contractors

Contract cleaning is an admin heavy business in which field managers spend a lot of time filling out forms and administration teams spend even more time loading the content up to different data repositories in your system. This duplication of effort is time-consuming and costly.

how your business benefits

  • You will save on the considerable time spent by your admin team receiving, processing and storing paper forms.
  • Your field managers will be released from the process of manually completing paper forms and posting or returning them to the office.

how your business benefits