Users have two options in managing the TemplaCMS Accounts interface.

Option 1 - Full integration with Access Dimensions and SelectPay

TemplaCMS contract cleaning software is designed, as standard, with dynamic integration to the Access off-the-shelf accounting and payroll packages.

Access Dimensions is a fully-featured, mid-market accounting suite that offers a range of modules suitable for any business sector. TemplaCMS integrates with the standard sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, cash book and invoicing modules. Access SelectPay is a functionally rich, HMRC accredited payroll, which is fully integrated to the Access Dimensions accounts. For more information on Access software visit

The Access accounts and payroll master records are all maintained in Dimensions or SelectPay, for example clients, suppliers, employees, chart of accounts. TemplaCMS Accounts retrieves this information in real-time as and when it requires to use it. TemplaCMS also takes full control of all originating transaction entry, covering billing, payroll, purchasing, miscellaneous payments or receipts, manual or automated accrual/prepayment journals. There is therefore no need to re-key or manually replicate master records between systems, nor a requirement to re-enter any transactions. This eliminates all unnecessary paperwork and manual re-entry procedures.

The integration of Access Dimensions and SelectPay with TemplaCMS has the effect of removing duplication and removing reconciliation. It delivers real-time control and joins sales and operations with finance.

TemplaCMS will continue to be improved for the benefit of cleaning contractors and any new requirements brought by the industry. The standard Access accounts and payroll packages will always be maintained and enhanced in line with the demands of UK business in general and the government’s imposed statutory changes to ensure it remains a highly competitive product. TemplaCMS will continue to reap the benefits of the Access Group’s investment in their product range.

Option 2 - Run alongside your alternate, recognised accounting software

If your company prefers to use an alternate accounts package such as Sage, TemplaCMS will happily run alongside it. TemplaCMS will still take full control of all accounts transaction processing, but instead offers a range of standard data file extracts for import to your preferred accounts package, with no transaction re-entry necessary. This option enables you to still benefit from the advanced functionality in TemplaCMS, but reduces the impact on project resources, timescales and cost, albeit offset against a reduced level of integration.