about templa

Templa Computer Systems is a UK-based software developer with 40 years’ experience in the industry developing software solutions for commercial businesses across a wide range of market sectors, both at home and overseas.

In conjunction with our long standing accreditation as resellers for two of the UK’s leading financial accounting packages, Templa has amassed many man years of expertise in delivering fully integrated software solutions. Whether it be completely bespoke or customised software, or total systems integration with a company’s own back office or line of business solutions, Templa has successfully delivered world class, quality driven software to hundreds of clients over the years.

Since 2009, we have focused on developing our fully integrated contract management system for the contract cleaning industry. We have developed and continue to develop a leading solution in its field, TemplaCMS, in conjunction with industry members, whose particular challenges have been poorly catered for by off-the-shelf business software.

Our growing client base have transformed their back-office systems using our cleaning business software and now enjoy a fully joined up, secure and professionally managed single database, with all their client contracts, information and business processes centrally managed.

TemplaCMS contract cleaning software is designed using the latest Microsoft © technology, suitable for companies of all sizes wishing to establish a solid software-driven foundation for their business, one that will be with them for many years to come, and that will continue to evolve with the emerging technologies and the evolving requirements of the contract cleaning industry.

Templa are fully committed to working with the UK contract cleaning industry, the CSSA and other member companies, to deliver a software solution that provides the tools with which stakeholders can implement a paperless office and forge their company’s contribution to a greener environment.

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