Templa 2 Way integration diagram

Key features and benefits:

  • Single point of data entry.
  • TemplaCMS acts as the ‘master’ and driver of the ‘slave’ Time and Attendance software.
  • The database of client sites, employees, rosters, caller IDs and escalation protocols is all set up in TemplaCMS and then shared seamlessly with the Time and Attendance software.
  • Both systems’ databases remain mirrored at all times.
  • Data from the Time and Attendance system in the Cloud is delivered in real-time to the TemplaCMS timesheet environment, available to operations managers and payroll staff 24/7.
  • Alerts are sent automatically, for example no-shows or late attendance.
  • Reconciliation control is provided for managers between hours worked and contracted hours on the timesheet.
  • Option available to apply worked hours variances automatically.
  • Short hours may have absence applied and unnecessary or unauthorised overtime can be capped, both helpful tools in controlling budgets and saving wages.
  • Cover staff are automatically added to timesheets.

Click here to access Standard 2-Way T&A data sheet